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Leadership & Staff

Rebecca Frederick

 Treasurer/Celebrate Recovery Director

I grew up in Southern California in a pretty typical home.  My family attended the Catholic Church.  We were faithful when my siblings and I were young, and then as we grew older we pursued sports and other things.  Church was just on the important holidays.  I knew who God was, and who Jesus was, and I was a good person, so I was good with that.  I decided to move out to Colorado for college.  I was playing soccer and majoring in Animal Sciences, and that is where I met my husband Jaron.  We decided to get married, and then we would move up to Guernsey where his family had a ranch.  We finished college and moved to Guernsey in 2000. 
I believe I was a bit shocked with the move.  I rationalized it by saying I was downsizing from California to Colorado to Wyoming.  Well, I was searching for something and I found soccer.  Guernsey kids were being coached by this Pastor Randy, and he definitely needed some help from someone who had some knowledge of the game.  I jumped right in.  I truly enjoyed coaching the kids and pursing my passion of soccer.  It was a Godsend to keep me sane. 
Well, a friendship grew between Randy and I, and he invited my husband and I to Faith Baptist Church.  I was still craving a place to belong and friends, so my need for fellowship drove me to church.  Jaron and I would attend sporadically.  And then one day, Randy came out to our house and talked with us.  He asked us hard questions.  “Do you think you are a Christian?”  “Do you believe in God?” “ . . .  In Jesus?”  “Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?”  The answers to the first questions were easy for me.  The last one kind of stumped me.  I didn’t know what that meant.  Needless to say, Randy knew and encouraged us to attend and we did. 
We got involved in a Bible study, and met some great people.  I developed great friendships with some ladies.  My needs were being met.  I started attending church regularly, and we were raising our first daughter in church.  Jaron stopped coming as regular as I did, and I felt that was too bad, but it wasn’t going to stop me. 
I went to a Beth Moore women’s conference with one of Jaron’s Aunts, and that really opened up the door for Jesus to start working.  I was saved in 2004 and baptized in 2006.  I was serving the lord on serving teams, and enjoying the fellowship of Faith, and the message of the Gospel was starting to penetrate my heart.  
We had our second child, and the three of us were making church a priority.  One of the most vivid moments of God in my life was during a miscarriage.  I felt his loving embrace carry me through the event, and His compassion to sustain and heal my hurt afterward, not to mention the love extended to us by our new church family.  I was finally having my needs met by Jesus and not by my circumstance.  Life was unfolding for us, and we were just living through it. 
We had our third child, and I was enjoying being a stay at home mom, serving the church through serving teams, and Bible studies, and other things.  This is when I became Treasurer.  I have been managing our ranch for the last 10 years, so I felt I could use those skills to further His kingdom.  I have been enjoying my role here for some time.  I also do children’s Sunday School for the little ones under 5.  I am happy to say that now our entire family attends church every Sunday.
God has given each one of us talents and abilities to share and build His kingdom.  I felt like I was using mine so far.  Again, the Lord had a vision that I did not see coming.  Through life circumstances, I was led to start Celebrate Recovery in our Church.  This was one of the other times I have felt the presence of God in my life.  James 1:2-3 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”  This ministry has been a blessing to our church family, my family, and me personally.  I feel privileged to lead this ministry for all the people who need it, and those who will be led to it by others.  It is best to have God use us in the midst of our circumstance, not when we think we are perfect and ready for God to use us. It is only by His Grace and Provisions that I am able to serve Him.  I am excited to continue to serve the Lord in the ways he wants me to serve.